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Investigative Journalism Masterclass, City University

To City University’s famed journalism department, for a day of lectures about investigative journalism, held by two of it’s leading lights, Nick Davies and David Leigh.

Considering all information received was regarded confidential, I can’t delve into specifics as to what was covered. Research strategy, sourcing contacts and legal minefields were all covered in the scrupulous detail you’d expect from such driven journalists.

The line between journalist and detective seemed to blur. as writing copy became secondary to a feverish pursuit of stories.

The crowd were a mixed bunch, containing a blend of old hacks with a fair amount of students. It seems that what Davies and Leigh do is push what it means to be a journalist to the very boundaries. That is, take all the skills required to be a successful inquisitorial journalist, and maximise them tenfold in order to uncover skulduggery wherever they can.

While no recording was allowed during the sessions, I managed to get a quick interview with Nick Davies, asking his views on the future of journalism, how the law affects practicising journalists, and his views on books like End of the Party:

Both men hold events like this fairly regularly, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any potential, current, or former journalists.