Non-breaking news

This is belated. My digital camera refused to work these past few days, but finally, it sprung into action this morning.
I trotted over to Picadilly Gardens in Manchester this Saturday just gone, to see Unite Against Fascism group mount a counter-protest to the English Defence League’s protest over “Islamic Extremism”.

I was unsure as to what to expect, but it became quite clear early on that it was the old far right in action once more. Banners reading “No More Mosques” as well as jibes towards immigrants could be seen and heard all over Manchester city centre. At one point the EDL and UAF were demonstrating about 10 metres away from each other, and only a massive police presence eliminated the chance of any real trouble.
That said, it was equally frightening and exhilarating to be caught up in such a passionate exchange of views and opinions, with the very real possibility of it spilling over any minute into physical violence. Stop and search, metal detectors, police dog teams and riot squad were all on show in Manchester, with the Northern Quarter all but deserted, police blockades having sealed off most of the main roads coming into that side of Manchester.
This isn’t going to be particularly vivacious post, instead I’ll let the photos do the talking.


One response to “Non-breaking news

  1. Looks like Loyalist Belfast lite! No mosques? Are they religious? Did'nt think so. A bit like the Orangemen

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